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Vendors attending ESL #198:
ROCKETS Magazine
This is MDRA!
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Point of contact: 
MDRA Board of Directors

Maryland Delaware Rocketry Assoc. Inc.
11554 Sullnick Way
Gaithersburg, MD 20878

Upcoming launches:
May 21-22, 2016   --    June 25-26, 2016
July 16-17, 2016   --    August 20-21, 2016
September 17-18, 2016   --    October 15-16, 2016
at the Central Sod Farm, Centreville Maryland.

Itching to build and fly something *BIG*?
Submit your designs and ideas for MDRA's next Group/Club project.

If you are flying HPR, (H motor or larger), you must show your TRA or NAR Membership Card
at the Registration Table for verification of your current membership and certification level.

Our next meeting is Thursday April 21, 2016
at the Knights of Columbus in Beltsville.

Our meetings are usually held on the 3rd Thursday of each month.
However, please check the meeting calendar as there have been exceptions.

Now available:
MDRA HPR Certification Pins and Challenge Coins

Get your
MDRA Coffee Mugs

Now available from Rockets Magazine Video:

Red Glare XII Red Glare IX Saturn 1B Projects Steve Eves
Saturn V

Our launches are not Tripoli Rocketry Association, 
(TRA) or National Association of Rocketry, (NAR) sponsored. 
However, you must hold the required high powered rocket 
certification from TRA or NAR to use and fly rockets using 
H or higher impulse motors.

All flyers and vendors must obtain and/or use rocket motors in compliance with Federal, State and Municipal laws, codes, rules and regulations. All flyers and vendors shall be solely responsible for compliance with all Federal, State and Municipal laws, codes, rules and regulations.
All flyers and vendors will indemnify and hold harmless the Maryland Delaware Rocketry Association, Inc and it's officers from and against any loss, expense, damage or injury caused or occasioned directly or indirectly by their failure to comply with the provisions of the said laws, codes, ordinances, rules, regulations and requirements.

To fly at our launches you MUST join Maryland Delaware Rocketry Association to be covered under Maryland Delaware Rocketry Association Insurance. Membership fee is $25.00 for the year (January through December).

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